At the factories that produce Amana brand products, we have labs that help ensure we produce an industry leading product.

For instance, in our cooling facility, we have a production lab that we inspect and test units. In this lab, we can test up to 1% of our daily production to ensure that it complies with our quality and safety standards.This is higher than what the standard, entitled ISO 9001, required of a manufacturing facility.

ISO 9001 is a quality management system. It allows Amana brand products to be inspected to ensure that they are defect free when leaving our factory. Moreover, it allows us a mechanism to correct any defects that are identified as part of the inspection process.

As part of this quality management system this lab uses critical component tracking. Critical component tracking is when each unit is scanned. This allows us to validate that critical components, such as compressors, are correctly put into the intended unit.

In addition to our quality management system, we also use a quality audit system for the managers themselves. On a regular basis, managers of the factory, including line supervisors, lead persons, paint operators and more, all meet in the lab. Units are then reviewed by the entire factory team to discuss what modifications, if any, to the production system can lead to a better quality product. Our quality processes are engineered to validate that the product leaving this factory is of the standard that is expected by our Amana brand dealers and homeowners who put their trust in the Amana brand.