​Press Releases

April 2022
Daikin Announces Name Change, Organizational Realignment and Major Environmental Mission for Unitary, Ductless and Light Commercial Sales and Operations in North America

December 2021
12/02/21- Goodman Acquires Thermal Supply, Inc.

July 2021
07/01/2021- Daikin Expands Patent Non-Assertion Pledge

January 2021
01/04/2021- Goodman Acquires Robinson Supply Company

September 2020
09/15/2020-Building 36, Amana Brand Launch New Service

July 2020
07/14/2020-The NEWS Editorial on R-32 Refrigerant

February 2020
02/01/2020-Amana HVAC Enhances Warranty Coverage

September 2019
09/26/2019-Daikin Adopts R-32 for Key HVAC Products in North America

August 2018
08/02/2018-Clean Comfort Expands Air Filter Line - August 2018

July 2018
07/15/2018-Amana AVXC20 Profile - Builder Magazine - July 2018

December 2017
12/13/2017-Amana Extends Flood Relief Program - Dec 2017
12/11/2017-Just Comfort Magazine Launched by Amana - Dec 2017

April 2017
04/26/2017-Sen Cruz Visits DTTP - April 2017
04/21/2017-US Rep McCaul Sees Mnfg Thriving at Daikin - April 2017

January 2017
01/17/2017-First VRV Unit Produced at DTTP - Jan 2017

November 2016
11/07/2016-1st Goodman Unit Competed at New Daikin Campus
11/07/2016-Daikin Launches Comfort Solutions Center
11/07/2016-Daikin Wall Celebration Press Release

May 2016
05/17/2016-Goodman Plant Makes Millionth SmartFrame AirHandler
05/23/2016-Goodman Wins AMA Crystal Award

April 2016

04/12/2016-Amana Reaffirms American Pride
04/24/2016-New Campus Weathers Flood

March 2016
03/29/2016-Clean Comfort Launch
03/30/2016-New Campus Named

November 2015
11/5/2015 - Daikin Launches Comfort Solutions Center
11/10/2015 - Amana AVXC20 News Release

October 2015

10/15/2015 - Daikin Recognized For Commitment To Reduce Greenhouse Emissions