Amana Cloud Services

Cloud connected equipment enables your dealer to receive notifications and alerts from Amana® brand system, enabling faster communication of alerts, and the ability to remotely adjust many settings.


Amana brand Cloud Services enables 24/7 connection between your system and the cloud.

When your connect to the cloud, your Amana brand dealer will have a better idea of what’s happening with your system before they visit. They can bring the right parts, to fix it faster, and easier.

Join Amana brand Cloud Services inside the Amana Home Mobile App


Contact your dealer to request an invitation, then accept the invitation from inside your Amana Home Mobile App.


Amana Home App

Amana Home Mobile App allows homeowners to remotely monitor and
control their Amana smart thermostat and their Amana communicating
heating and cooling systems.


Main features include:

1. Easy to use monitor and control of Amana smart thermostats

2. Easy to edit schedule for Amana smart thermostat

3. Easy to set temperature adjustment, system mode, or away mode

4. Current weather and forecast

5. Receive thermostat reminders and alerts Compatible with Amana
smart thermostats

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