Four Benefits of Inverter Technology

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HOT, COLD, HOT, COLD – What if you could reduce these indoor temperature variations while keeping utility bills low? A cooling system with inverter technology may be a great solution for your home.

If you have opened your refrigerator lately, you’ve probably encountered inverter technology. It was introduced to homes in the 1980s and has been continuously enhanced and deployed through a variety of household products - from refrigerators to whole-home indoor comfort systems. 

Indoor comfort systems with inverter technology are designed to automatically adjust the compressor – the heart of your air conditioner - to ensure a consistent temperature while using the lowest amount of energy. As a result, you may experience more of that “just right” indoor temperature with minimal fluctuations.

So why upgrade your indoor comfort system to one with inverter technology? Here are four great reasons to upgrade your system: 

1) High-Efficiency = Smart Savings
Inverter technology is engineered to use the lowest amount of energy required to maintain the temperature you select on your home’s thermostat. That could help keep your energy costs low, especially when the outdoor temperatures heat up.

2) Consistent Indoor Comfort
The continuous, steady adjustments of a home cooling system with inverter technology helps minimize temperature swings that can result in your home feeling uncomfortably warm or cold. 

3) Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
A non-inverter system will turn ON to cool the air down until it reaches the desired set point, then turn OFF to avoid over-cooling. However, between the time the system shuts OFF and restarts, the humidity levels may begin to build again within a home. For homeowners in hot and humid climates, an inverter system may help maintain indoor humidity levels by continually dehumidifying the home to balance the heat load.

4) Proven Reliability
Continuous and steady adjustments that come with inverter technology may contribute to the durability and longevity of your system by helping to reduce the wear and tear on your cooling system’s compressor. 

Even though the price tag of a system without inverter technology might look more appealing, you may spend more on your utility bills over time. Inverter technology is highly energy efficient. This means you may see reduced energy consumption over the life of your system, while also enjoying a more comfortable home. 

To discover the available indoor comfort systems with inverter technology, ask your local, independent Goodman® dealer about the various options and the potential cost saving.