Smart Heating and Cooling Communicating Technology


Smart technology is meant to make our lives easier.  While home heating and cooling systems have typically been designed with the latest technology available, there was never a need for smart communication - that was left to the thermostat (also referred to as the HVAC “control” system). But as consumer behavior changes and home automation becomes more ingrained in our lifestyles, the heating and cooling equipment is become smarter without having to rely on a particular thermostat!

Smart Heating and Cooling Choices

There are a lot of thermostats options. Some homeowners want to keep their basic thermostat or upgrade to a smart thermostat, and others find that when purchasing a new premium HVAC system, they are required to purchase a specific, and perhaps expensive, thermostat.

But, what if you want to upgrade your basic programmable thermostat?  As more and more homeowners adopt smart home products, they are discovering that the newest home automation systems may not be compatible with their “traditional” central HVAC system.

So what happens when the communicating technology that was typically located in the thermostat connected to an inside wall of your home is factory-installed into smart heating and cooling equipment? The result is that you may not be locked into a specific thermostat, and the heating and cooling equipment regulates its own performance.

The HVAC Equipment Circuit Board

Traditionally, your HVAC equipment that creates the comfortable temperature in your home has had one function – to heat and cool your indoor spaces. It turns ON and OFF, or adjusts speeds as directed by the thermostat. When this intelligent communicating technology is added directly to the indoor HVAC equipment circuit board, the system becomes smarter than traditional HVAC equipment without the communicating technology.

Rather than relying on the circuit board in the thermostat, the communicating technology circuit board is securely installed in the indoor unit of the energy-efficient heating and cooling system. It uses a smart algorithm to gather HVAC system performance data to automatically make adjustments that may reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool your home. It moves the required technology from the thermostat to the HVAC equipment. 

This technology is designed to create an intelligent indoor comfort system capable of customizing its own energy-efficient performance. Upon installation, it receives a simple signal from the thermostat and intelligently distributes operational messages between the indoor and outdoor components of a central heating and cooling system.

More Thermostat Choices

With this intelligent HVAC technology added directly to the indoor equipment, you may find that you have many thermostat options to choose from. Since the technology works with any single-stage thermostat, you can even keep your current one. The choice is yours! And, once you set your desired indoor temperature, your home’s heating and cooling system will make the adjustments to ensure top performance. 

If you are replacing your current HVAC equipment or merely the thermostat, it is best to seek the guidance of a licensed professional HVAC dealer. 

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